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    • Mount Rushmore National Memorial of the United States
      It is Mount Rushmore of South Dakota of the United States, and it is named because of engraving 4 presidents who made contributions to the independence and development of America – huge picture of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. The images were started in 1927, and were completed in 1941, and it is the world’s largest stone carving image. Four statues face to the different directions, and their eyes stare to the distance, the expression is solemn, reappear the image and style of four presidents, and it is considered as a masterpiece with body and spirit.
    • Niagara Falls
      It is located on the Niagara River between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario at the junction of the United States and Canada, and is the diversion of Goat Island with the width of 360 meters. The east is “the United States Waterfall” belonged to the United States, and is like the suspended silver belt; the west is “Horseshoe Waterfall” belonged to Canada, and is like the huge curved screen, and they are pouring down with the irresistible force and is very spectacular, and it is one of the world’s famous seven wonders.
    • Islamic Style Street
      The style of International Street is followed as the civilian houses in European, Asia and Islam countries, gathering church, market and street together, which are a good place for the tourists to relax and shopping. Walking on the “International Street”, you may feel yourself in the romantic town of European; Asian and Islam countries and the ancient and distant exoticism is surrounding you. The architecture with European middle century is just standing behind you individually. Along the road, the building group is well-arranged with unique feature which is worthy to be appreciated. The charming and graceful European block is just standing front you unexpected. 
    • The global stage at world square
      China’s first panoramic stage with a total investment of more than 80 million Yuan can hold more 10 thousand people at the same time. It is comprised of more than 40 movable stages and can be randomly joined together. The performance area can reach 1200 square meters with a width of 48 meters, which has the function of a square stage and an indoor theater. The global stage not only riches the landscape and performance function of window of world, but also provides a good place for Shenzhen to hold great international activity.
    • Glass pyramid at Louvre
      China’s first panoramic stage with a total investment of more than 80 million Yuan can hold more 10 thousand people at the same time. It is comprised of more than 40 movable stages and can be randomly joined together. The performance area can reach 1200 square meters with a width of 48 meters, which has the function of a square stage and an indoor theater. The global stage not only riches the landscape and performance function of window of world, but also provides a good place for Shenzhen to hold great international activity.
    • Merlion Statue in Singapore
      The height of statue is 8m, and is made from the white marble; the base is made from the tiles, and is like the sea wave, and is 4-5 meters higher than the water level. Lion’s head and fish body, the fishtail is back scrolling. Spray the water from the mouth of lion. It is said that the prince of Sumatran Srivijaya kingdom went to the sea about 1150 years ago, and walked through Singapore Island, a monster whose chest has white hair, head is black and the body is red fly in the front of them. The prince asked his accompanies what is that, his accompanies said that it was “lion”, the prince was very happy and thought that this is a auspicious place and decided to establish the country here and name it as Singapore. The meaning of “Singa” of Malay is “lion”, and “pore” is the meaning of “city”. Thus, Singapore is also known as “the lion city”.
    • Angkor Wat of Cambodia
      It is one of most magnificent religious buildings in Southeast Asia, is located in south suburb of Angkor ancient city with the history of more than 800 years, and is known as “Oriental Four Wonders” with Great Wall of China, Pyramid of Egypt and Borobudur of Indonesia. The main building is the King Kong Pagoda tower which is composed of five towers, the height of main tower is 65 meters, it is majestic, and is the symbol of Sumeru in the center of universe. The length of the bottom relief corridor is 800 meters, the characters are lively and vivid, and it is described as the exquisite work of art.
    • Gyeongbokgung Palace in Korea
      The first ancestor of Ly Dynasty Li Chenggui founded it in AD 1394, it was rebuilt in 1870, located in the north of Seoul, it has the Hall of Diligent Government and Ideological Hall and other buildings, and they are stately and magnificent, have extraordinary style. The Hall of Diligent Government for presiding the state affairs by the king is more distinguished and luxury. The square 10-storey pagoda in Jianchun Gate is exquisitely and delicate, distinctive, amaing, and is the treasure of art of Korea.
    • Thailand Palace in Thailand
      It is located in the bank of Menam River of downtown of Bangkok, was founded in 1782, and is a architectural masterpiece with characteristics in Thailand, it integrates the Chucky Palace of Thailand and European architectural style, on the Victorian hall, covers the typical Thailand-type roof, and it is spectacular. There is the Jade Buddha Temple known as “Thai Buddhist Art Bible” in the palace, the gild outer wall is decorated with stained glass and shell, and it is gorgeous and luxurious. The jade Buddha in the Jade Buddha Temple is more rate treasure. 
    • Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon in Myanmar
      It is listed as three religious buildings with Borobudur in Indonesia and Angkor Wat of Cambodia, and it was founded in AD 18th century. The height is 112 meters, and the shape is like a giant bell. Attach the gold foil from the tower base to tower top with more than 7 tons of gold. The canopy umbrella on the top of tower is inlayed seven thousand of red and blue precious stones. Hang 1485 gold and silver wind bells on the tower. It is solemn and luxury, glittering. 
    • Borobudur in Indonesia
      It was built in AD 8th – 9th century, and is a foreign square and internal circular stepped solid vertebral tower with 9-storey. The design is elaborate, the composition is complex, and it is great and boldness. 2700 Buddhist story stone reliefs are exquisite, and are known as the “Epic on the stone”. Borobudur is one of the largest Buddhist buildings in the world, and is listed as one of four wonders with the Great Wall of China, Pyramid of Egypt and Angkor Wat of Cambodia. 
    • Bhaja Chaitya Hall in Mumbai of India
      It was built in second century BC, is the masterpiece of ancient Indian grotto Buddhist yard, and the stone sculpture knot in the middle of gate arc top symbolizes the master string of bamboo top layer; the protruding ribs in the arch symbolize the wood strips. The cave is divided into the middle hall and side aisle by 8 pieces of stone columns and arched stone strips on the top of cave, and they are also very like the wood. The style of the entire cave is imitating the bamboo and wood architecture with unique charm.
    • Moduohala Holy Well in India
      Moduohala Holy Well is built in 11th century originally, and is located in the front of famous Hinduism Sun God (Surya) Temple of Gujarat in northwest of India. The holy well is the bathing place for the Indian Muslims for worship of the Sun God Temple. 
    • Water town of Southeast
      It was imitated the downtown of Thailand on water. The traditional residents of Chiang Main of Thailand are the residents along the river and water channel, when the people implemented the transaction and public relations on the board. The houses are erected on the tall columns to ensure the security in the long rainy season and flood impact. The lower space of house is the work places in dry season, and is used to store the large items, including their own boats. The typical Thai house is built with the wood, bamboo, palm leaves, rice straw and other natural materials. Due to hot weather, air humidity, for ventilation, the house always towards the north-south direction to facilitate ventilation. The house along the rive always toward the water. 
    • Taj Mahal in India
      This is a mausoleum of Taj Mhal who is the wife of the fifth emperor  Chajha of India Mughal dynasty, and was built in 17th century. The white marble palace with the height of more than 60 meters stands on the north wall of element cemetery, is decorated with the pearls and precious stones as well as carved hollow marble, is crystal and clean, element, bright, eye-catching brilliance, is called as the essence of Islamic architectural art, and is one of world’s seven architectural wonders.
    • Katsura Imperial Villa in Japan
      It is located in Xijing District of Kyoto, was built in 17th century, became the royal palace in 19th century, and is the excellent representative of Japanese culture art and landscape architecture. The idea is subject to Japanese migration style garden layout with clever cut, various attractions and simple nature. Four tearooms according to the sentiment of the spring, summer, autumn and winter highlight the Japanese Bushido spirit of “Peace, quiet, clean, silent” of “Hermitage style”.
    • Himeji Fortified Castle in Japan
      The Himeji Road City is a overlord acropolis of Japanese shogunate political era, is located in Hyogo Prefecture County Road City, the main building Sky Tower was founded in 1609, it is composed of main building and 4 towers, the main building and towers are scattered, and the façade composition layout is different with each other. The Sky Tower has the gray tiles and white wall, cornice and overlapping, and is like the flying heron, so it is also known as Egret City, and the Sky Tower is the most excellent representative in Japanese castle buildings.
    • Torii in Japan
      Hiroshima Itsukushima Shrine is listed as one of three superb sceneries in Japan, is prominent in the shallow sea, is magnificent and serene, and is the shrine for worship of Poseidon. The Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine is built in the center of bay water, is the beam-style wooden arch, and the height of pillars at both ends is more than 16 meters, which are built by the camphor wood, paint the red paint upper, and it is pure and unadorned. Arisugawa Akishino Prince wrote four gold large words “Itsukushima Shrine” on the forehead, and it is reflected with the rippling wave shine.
    • Paris New Triumphal Arch
      The giant arch is located in la Defense financial central business district in Ladd Fong Slovakia, Paris. The height is 110 meters and the depth is 112 meters. The shape looks as a hollow cube and a door open to Paris town forever. In July 1989, it held a grand completion ceremony to celebrate the 200th year’s anniversary of French people captured the Bastille and 100th year’s anniversary of Eiffel Tower buildup. This modern architecture full of vitality becomes another landmark building in Paris.
    • European Flavour Pub Street
      The window of the world city inn is a boutique business hotel which located in the holiday resort of overseas Chinese town of golden area in Nanshan district and nearby the entrance of subway and the parking place of the Window of the World. With the significance of simple and classical room style, romantic European environment, advantageous geographical location and the convenient transportation facilities, it becomes the first choice for the tourists who have a business trip or vocation.
    • European Street Church
      This is a gothic church with Nordic style. It owns white walls and blue roof for the body of the building. Huge rose windows are above the door and the arch flying models of the external wall are pretty and fine. The tiny spire with bright and clear lines, the leaf of the doors and windows with sharp arched structure, every pointes show the feature of Gothic architecture and supply you a clam, warm and mysterious feeling.
    • The style of International Street
      The style of International Street is followed as the civilian houses in European, Asia and Islam countries, gathering church, market and street together, which are a good place for the tourists to relax and shopping. Walking on the “International Street”, you may feel yourself in the romantic town of European; Asian and Islam countries and the ancient and distant exoticism is surrounding you. The architecture with European middle century is just standing behind you individually. Along the road, the building group is well-arranged with unique feature which is worthy to be appreciated. The charming and graceful European block is just standing front you unexpected. 
    • Kaiser House
      There are 5200 square meters in Kaiser House. It is designed by using the Rome style of European in 18th Century, which is rich in European tone and a perfect combination between the classical conception and the modern design. The exterior of the house is styling extraordinary while internal decoration represents luxurious, with multi-function, such as dining room, chamber threat and beer room, which is also named as “multi-function hall”.
    • Roman Holiday Plaza
      Roman Holiday Plaza is as long as more 100 meters, covering nearly 3000 square meters, with the essence of architecture style in Italy Renaissance period. Adding with classic columnar element, as while as the jumping shape on the clock tower and roof, series changes in the elevation, it demonstrates the vibrant and gorgeous characteristics on the building style in Italy Renaissance periods. 
    • Sculpture Garden
      Sculpture garden locates in the shade of green bushes. The litchi forest and hundreds of famous sculpture works from five continents create the elegant environment of art together. From “the Hand of God” made by Robin to the “Lashed Slaves” created by Michelangelo, from “Napoleon’s Sister” to the mysterious bronze of Sanxingdui, all of the works reflect the wisdom and aesthetic taste of the variety ethic group.
    • Jurassic Dinosaur World
      Jurassic Dinosaur World is an entertainment program launched by the Window of the world with the combination of fun, sight and experience. Tyrannosaurus, triceratops, monoclonius, pterosaur, dozens of lifelike dinosaurs take the tourists to begin a romantic journey of jungle. The tourists can follow up the legend story ended 65 million years ago in the simulated world, listen to the voice of dinosaur and return back to the ancient age with the creator.
    • The Ice-snow World in Alpine
      You can see the snow white picture in the northern winter and listen to the cold wind in the winter of the northern area.
      But you cannot image you also can enjoy the northern winter landscape and experience running with lightning speed in the snow ground in Shenzhen where four season are like spring all the year around.  Now, there is a place-window of the world in Shenzhen can make your dream come true. You can see the snowflake and enjoy the snow fun.
    • Indian dwellings
      There is no human to live in American continent, and the ancestors of Indian were migrated from Asia. They entered America from Asia forty and fifty thousand years ago, and then move to the south gradually, and finally cover the entire American continent. 
    • Indian Archery Field
      In the ancient Indian tribe, it has the mysterious totem pole and majestic leopard, under the help of Indian hunters, the visitors may try to hunt with the bow and arrow and enjoy the fun, feel the jungle hunting life of Indian with the long bow and short arrow.
    • Pass through Amazon jungle
      This project is packaged with the theme of culture of South America, introduces the international advanced infrared ray ranging electrical slide facilities with the total length of 800 meters, and is the longest electrical slide in the world currently, is controlled by the computer at the constant speed to pass through the original rainforest of Amazon rapidly in the strange tropical plants and in the giant dinosaur roar, so that feel the special effect of lightning and tree falling and experience the perfect combination of the speed and passion!
    • Inca Lost City Climbing
      The Inca Empire was one of the origins of civilization of South America, and the world’s window Inca Lost City Climbing draws the materials from the most famous Machu Picchu site of Inca Empire. The people think that this ancient site hides the last secret of Inca Empire, so the people continue to seek the cities on this mountain. You can also challenge here, clime with hands, and this shows the fun exploring the ancient lost city. 
    • Grand Canyon Adventure Rafting in Colorado
      The total length of canyon is 448 meters, it uses the high-tech means and facilities to make you experience the unique American adventure. Take the expedition ship to appreciate the adventure and curiosity fully and fell the tremble taste really in the thrilling screams and canyon and torrent.
    • Geocentric adventure of Greenland
      The visitor will take the “Silaipunier” expedition ship with the Nordic characteristics to cross the dark tunnel of thousands of kilometers to reach the mysterious country “Burrata Hurley” which was buried more than 1000 years ago. This project uses various special effect scenes and unique control technology, pays more attention to the light layout and scene design, and the wonderful sound of wind, fire, electricity, light, karst, etc. express the mystery and strange of the geocentric world fully to make you feel to return to the mysterious moment of sinking of the mysterious city.
    • Hawaii Volcanoes in USA
      The volcano is a major feature of the landscape in Hawaii, there is the volcano national park, and most active volcanoes are the Mauna Loa and Kilauea Volcano. Each breaking out of Mauna Loa Volcano makes the mountain increase, the land increase, and is known as the “great architect”. Since 1983, the Kilauea Volcano has broken out for many times, the flame is splashing and the lava is galloping for each time, and it is the most active volcano in the world.
    • Venezuela flash food
      The Venezuela flash flood shows the thunder and lightning and heavy rain with the amazing special effect realistically, and hundreds of tons of water are pouring down to create a shocking scene, and sign the divinity of the nature.
    • Nasikatu Line Wall in Peru
      It is within the range of southwest coastal wasteland of Nasika Valley with total area of 350 square meters, overlooking from the plane, you can clearly see total 70 huge land paintings of various animals and plants. Who draw these strange giant paintings? When draw? There is not one to answer, it is only called as the “Millennium mystery”, and it is listed as one of “Eight wonders of human”. 
    • Giant Stone Statue in Mexico
      In 1938, the Mexican Tres found it, and it is collected in Mexico National Museum of Anthropology. It is carved by the whole basalt with height of 3 meters and weight of more than 30 tons, and it wear the helmet engraved the pattern. Through the research of experts, it is an artwork of “Olmec culture” from 12th to 5th century BC, but there are many mysteries yet to be unlocked fully.
    • Lincoln Memorial Hall in USA
      It is located in Potomac Park in the west of Washington, was completed in 1922 to commemorate the president Abraham Lincoln who dedicates to liberate slaves, and is a memorial building with the ancient Greek Parthenon temple classic style. There are 36 pieces of ancient Greek circular pillars which represent 36 states around the memorial hall. In the memorial hall, there is a marble statue of Lincoln of 5.8 meters with solemn facial expression. 
    • Jefferson Memorial Hall in USA
      It is located in the south shore of tide lake of Washington. In 1938, it was build to commemorate the birth of 200th anniversary of the third president Thomas Jefferson, was completed in 1943, and is a temple building surrounding the ring colonnade under the dome. In the white marble memorial hall with the height of 24 meters, there is a 4.8 meters Jefferson statue, on the birth memorial day of each year, there are many people to respect it. 
    • Capitol in USA
      It is the center and highest point of Washington, and is also the important place of swearing-in of the president. In 1973, the president Washington ascended the throng, it was reconstructed, and it was formed in 1850. The building was built with the white sand and white marble with total seven storey in the form of Paris Pantheon, and the style is simple, plump and majestic. The inside is magnificent, and is covered with the huge paintings and many sculptures.
    • Attentively warrior statue in Mexico
      It is the stone carving statue column in the front of Morning Star Pyramid which is the cultural site of Toltec Tula of 10th – 12th century BC. The height of statue is 4.6 metes, wear the Kuizhakeyateer god medal on the chest, wear the spear-thrower, knife and perfume sachet on the body, and wear the disc with the enemy head on the back. It faces the temple gate, both eyes look at the front horizontally, and they are like attentively. In the aspect of carving skill, it uses the line relief form which is shallow and rough, and the flat feeling is stronger and less of changes.
    • The totem pole America
      The totem pole is the talking history, reflects that the Indians state the history with the painted wood carving, and looking at the totem pole, towering in the cloud and unable to distinguish are the history which can not considered by Indians. 
    • Brasilia parliament building in Brazil
      The new capital of Brazil Brasilia is known as the “Modern myth” and “New era city”, and the design of parliament building is a representative work of the mid-10th century modernist architecture. The H-shaped profile is the first letter of Portuguese “People”, the upward bowl-shaped ornament at the top of House of Representatives mean “Soliciting the public opinions”, and the bowl-shaped ornament at the top of House of Representatives mean the “Focusing the public opinions”.
    • Statue of Liberty in USA
      The Statue of Liberty is located in Bedloe Island of Hedilin Rive of New York of the United States, and it is designed by Frenchman Bartholdi. The Statue of Liberty was completed in New York Bay of USA in 1886. The weight of the Statue of Liberty is 450,000 pounds, the height is 46 meters, the height of base is 45 meters, and total height is 91 meters, her right hand holds a undousing free torch, her left hand takes the book symbolizing Declaration of Independence of USA, and her feet are littered with the broken iron chain. It expresses that the American are proud of pursuit of dream and freedom. 
    • Monte Cristo in Brazil
      Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city and former capital of Brazil, is located at the beach of suburban of Rio de Janeiro, stands up Kekewaduo mountain, and it is known as “Monte Cristo”. There area towering old trees, outbreak spring, shrouded mist on the mountain, and there is the cable car to the top of mountain, there is a cavity on the top of mountain with 220 steps of 32 meters and 1200 tons of Jesus statue which was produced t commemorate 100th anniversary of independence of Brazil. The people who come to Brazil for the first time will learn about that this is a Catholic country. The hands of statue outstretch for 28 meters, and the overall statue is a cross shaped and magnificent, when you stand on the lookout platform nest to the statue to look around the whole Rio de Janeiro. 
    • White House of the United States
      It is located in the downtown of Washington, and was completed in 1800. in 1814, it was burned by the British army, it was rebuilt in 1815, painted the white paint on the outer wall, and it was called as “White House”. The whole building has only three storey, is composed of the main building and the west, east wing buildings, and is elegant and quiet. The west building is the office area, and the east building is for visitors. The first floor of main building is the place for holding the state activities of the president, and the third floor is the place for the family of the president.
    • Fly across the United States
      The world’s first overhead dome theater by live action with the theme atmosphere of American culture background, and is a entertainment project with the most advanced film technology and entertainment equipment. It is built by the international first-class company, combines with the powerful Hollywood production team for live action of movie scene, and the dynamic effect of “flying across the United States” will have the shocking, impact and visual experience. The giant spherical screen with the diameter of 30 meters will make you “rise” with the large hydraulic lifting cabin within 20 seconds, and the high-tech computer intelligent control technology integrates with the vision and movement and achieves the most fantastic flight trip and the most stimulating physically experience. 
    • Pyramid Exhibition Hall
      In the pyramid exhibition hall, you can realize the dream of exploring inside of pyramid. The shadowy lighting, curved path,
      amazing cyperus papyrus painting, elegant pharaoh’s mummy, mysterious Anubis with wolf head and human body, the second figure museum of young pharaoh named Tutenkhamen and unthinkable beautiful golden mask for pharaoh, all of these will make you feel as if you were there to experience the magical world in ancient Egypt.
    • Africa Dwellings
      Equator transmits the middle parts of Africa, where most of area is hot all the year. Africa is divided into East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, South Africa and North Africa these five areas according to the geography habits. There are dwellings with West Africa, South Africa and North Africa local features inside the park to demonstrate the unique custom of Africa, the palace seared by sunshine all the time.
    • Kenya Wildlife Zoe
      With vast savanna, dry and wet seasons change obviously in Africa. The site shows the shocking scene when the draught season is coming, wildebeest’s migrate from one place to another. Crowed of wildebeests are running in a line, other herbivores and carnivorous animals are followed up. The whole picture is spectacular and dynamically. By using 8500 animal models containing 24 types, it is the sole place to present Africa savanna landscape in the whole park.
    • Abu Simbel Temples in Egypt
      On the cliff nearby the Nile River in Nubia, Abu Simbel Temples are the cave temples with more than 3000 years history. The height is 33 meters and the depth is 61 meters with 3 connected temples. There are 4 figures of stone of Ramesses II as whiles as sculptures of royalty in front of the temples. Inside the temples, it recorded the people’s life, the pictures and text at that time. In 1962, the temples are relocated and rebuilt due to the construction of the Aswan dam, which became the miracle with the combination of ancient and modern architecture.
    • Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt
      Located in the southern suburbs of Cairo, it composes with three pyramids. The maximum and highest pyramid, the Khufu pyramid which was built in 27 Century BC is 138 meter high and 220 meters long on each side, consisting with 2.3 million blocks of stone as heavy as 2.5 tons are built up without any adhesive. As one of the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times, the excellent architectural technology is still a mystery in the modern times. 
    • Spain Gaudi Park
       Built in 1928, Gaudi Park, also known as Quieel Park, is located in the Barcelona city. The main constructions consist of the “Hall of Pillars” acting as a market, plaza, pillar, garden, spring etc. The design of the park and innovative shape of many architectures make efforts to combine nature with all colors in the buildings. The park is permeated with the flavor of nature and seems like a dreamland in the fairy tale.
    • Paris Spring Shopping Plaza
      As a commercial street mainly selling featured commodities of various countries in the world, it has over ten boutiques with cheap and fine goods, which is the prior choice for you to shop.
    • Crossing the Europe
      Encircled by British-style ballad and imbued with fragrance of French flower field, the heart of Europe takes you to the small town within mountain chain of Switzerland, the kingdom of Dutch windmill, the magic tunnel of Denmark and the fruit farm of Spain. On the vast and fertile Europe continent, tourists will enjoy the romantic countryside and humanistic amorous feelings.
    • France Spring of 4 Continents
      Located in Luxembourg Park in Paris, the Spring of 4 Continents was built in 1872, the representative of springs after the French Revolution and a masterpiece in art of sculpture. The spring holds the themes of Union and Friendship. respectively on behalf of Europe, Asia, America and Africa, four females stands in the center of the spring holding tellurian globe high. The running horses and jumping dolphins sculpted with marble around the Spring endow the whole sculpture great vitality.
    • Tower Bridge, London
      Built in 1894, Tower Bridge was designed like the gate through which Thomas River flowing into London, so it is called the portal of London. The two ends of the Tower Bridge are linked together by four piers. With the height of 35 meters, the two main towers are upright and foursquare, simple and unsophisticated, like two grand crowns viewed from a distance. The tower bridge has two stores. The lower deck can be raised or lay down to allow ships to pass; the upper deck is the sidewalk equipped with glass windows, so standing on it, visitors can enjoy the scenery of Thomas River.
    • The wall and bell tower of the Kremlin, Russia
      The light red wall encircling the Kremlin is 6.5 meters thick, 14 meters high and 2300 meters long. On the wall stand upright many bell towers and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower with the height of 81 meters is the highest building among them. Bell tower embellished with ruby five-pointed star is the most beautiful one among the 19 bell towers and also the symbol of the Kremlin.
    • Acropolis of Athens, Greece
      Acropolis of Athens was built as temple complex of goddess Athena, the patron of Athens of ancient Greece. The largest-scale Doric Order Hall of the Parthenon worshiping the Athens is brimming with masculine features. Built for worshiping the ancestors, the Ionic order of the Temple of Erechtheum and are featured of feminine charm of gracefulness and dignity. The artistic achievement of Acropolis has a far-reaching influence on the western architecture.
    • Italy Florence Municipal Square
      The main building municipal building, built in 1299, features a distinctive castle style. Just like an antique sculpture, it embodies order, dignity and strength. Both sides of the door are the marble statue replicas  sculptured by Michelangelo "David" and Chudis statue carved by Donald Taylor, which together with numerous famous sculptures in the square,constitute "the Open-air Sculpture Museum".
    • Windmill and Tulip Field Scenery, Netherland
      Famous as the Country of Windmill, Netherland is also acknowledged as flower country of world by people. Windmill and tulip fill this country with simple, unsophisticated and lively idyllic scenery, which embodies the characteristic style of Netherland. There are traditional and grand Windmill Day and flower festival in May of each year. The windmills decorated with flowers, blooming tulips and orgiastic crowd forms a luxuriant and wonderful spectacle.
    • Italy Venice Watertown The Piazza of S. Mark
      The watertown, located on the coast of the Adria sea and founded in the fifth Century, is the only city of water with bridges and ships but no cars in the world. It is known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic Seaside" with the beautiful scenery and numerous monuments. The Piazza of S. Mark, one of the most famous squares in the world, is known as “the Marble Salon" and Napoleon called it "the most beautiful living room in the Europe". Around the Square are excellent buildings, crowded people, and flying pigeons. It is one of the world's most famous tourist resorts.
    • the Triumphal Arch of Paris,France
       Built in 1806, the age of Napoleon's empire, the Triumphal Arch of Paris takes example by the triumphal arch of Roman empire. With a square appearance, concise composition and the height of 48 meters, it was sculptured out of white marbles and piled up by them, standing grandly at the center of the lion square in Paris. The skillfully-engraved "la marseillaise" on both the front and the back of the Triumphal Arch and the other giant statues keep a record of the civil war from 1795 to 1815 in France, becoming a spiritual symbol of the French.
    • Germany Cologne Cathedral
      Cologne cathedral, located in the city centre, was founded in 1248, and completed at the end of the 19th century, which lasted for six centuries. It was one of the most famous gothic cathedrals in the world above which the two spires are 152 meters high. The appearance is magnificent and majestic. A lot of sculptural decorations and colored glass inlay inside and outside the cathedral are colorful and dimly, which would generate a strong religious feeling.
    • France Versailles
      Versailles, built in 1661 during the reign of Louis XIV, adopts the classical “Five Horizontals and Three Verticals” design, featuring with east-west axis and north-south symmetry. The external appearance is majestic,magnificent, and the internal decoration is luxury, splendid, brilliant and dazzling. The extremely beautiful landscape is more like a fairyland. Versailles, as a masterpiece of the French classical art in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, is one of the most famous palaces in the world.
    • Steps of church of trinity
      Steps of church of trinity , the steps outdoors in Rome, Italy, is connected with the Spanish Square,on the top of which is the Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti. As the longest and widest steps in the Europe, it was built from 1723 to 1725 with a total of 138 steps. Steps of church of trinity and the Spanish Square were called since the 17th century when the Spanish Embassy was moved here.
    • The Roman Colosseum, Italy
      Located in the north of downtown, the Roman Colosseum was built during 72 to 80 AD for ancient Rome nobilities to watch the fights between slave and beast or between slaves. Although taking example by the design of Greek theatre, it has its own style. It was reasonably structured, multifunctional and magnificent and can hold fifty to eighty thousand people. As biggest and most representative architecture masterpiece in ancient Rome, it has a far-reaching influence on large-scale stadiums of modern world.
    • Mont Saint Michel Abbey, France
      Mont Saint Michel Abbey is located on the Mont Saint Michel in the Saint Malo Bay of Normandy and its construction began in 992. With pointed arch and cross vault, it is tall, magnificent and elegant, a representative of Gothic architecture. Inside it, friars copied the scriptures and enshrined them, which made it famous as Book City in Europe. Turned into National Jail in 1658, it was notorious for the excruciation, gaining a bad reputation as Bastille on Sea. After the several restorations, it was finally reverted to holy place for Christians to worship.
    • Notre Dame Cathedral, France
      The construction of Notre Dame Cathedral began in 1163 and last over one hundred years. Standing upright on the Cite Island of the Seine, it is an important representative of Gothic Cathedral. With the total height of 136 meters and area of 6000 squares, its spacious center hall can hold more than ten thousand people. Designed harmoniously and symmetrically, it is magnificent and graceful. The interior decoration with different styles is colorful and the statues of various religious figures are vivid.
    • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
      As the bell tower of Pisa Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa is an eight-storeyed cylindrical stone tower with the bottom diameter of 16 meters and the height of 55 meters. Its construction began in 1174 and then the third floor was repeatedly built and stopped because of the incline of the body. When finished, the 55-meter high centre point of the tower top had leaned with a deviation of 2.1 meter from vertical line. And now the deviation reaches to over 5 meters, but it still tilts and dose not collapse, becoming the famous leaning tower as well as tourist attraction in the world. 
    • Alcazar Castle, Spain
      Locating in the Segovia city, the Alcazar Castle, also known as the fairy tale castle, was originally built as a fortress castle in the 13rd century. It was expended into Royal Palace in the 15th century and rebuilt in 1862 because of the fire disaster. With the fusion design of Arabic and Catholic style, it is grand and gorgeous, like a huge fairytale architecture built by blocks. Inside the castle are the famous Throne Room and Belt Room.
    • the Court of Lions in Palace of the Alhambra, Spain
      In the first half of 14th century, the king of Moor built an Islamic-style royal palace in Granada. The Court of Lions is one of the two main courts of the Palace and famous for the twelve stone lions standing annularly under the fountain locating in the center of the Court. With the Islamic-style design and sculpture featured of exquisiteness, vividness and brightness, it is the treasure of world architecture art.
    • Stonehenge,the United Kingdom of Britain
      Bicyclic Stonehenge, annularly arranged around the centre altar, stands upright firmly on the north of Salisbury Plain. The height of the columns varies from 5 to 7 meters. Two columns bear one stone beam and the weight of single column and stone beam varies from about 30 to 50 tons. Identified by the Isotope, it is ancient architectural monument built in succession 5000 to 3000 years ago. But no one can interpret its mystery so far, so it becomes an unprecedented secret.
    • House of Parliament, the United Kingdom of Britain
      As the biggest House of Parliament and Gothic revival architecture in the world, the House of Parliament of London was built on the original site of the Palace of Westminster. Without the sense of Gothic mystery, the line of its appearance is clear and the layout of facade is well-proportionally designed, showing the feelings of vivaciousness, nobleness, gorgeousness and freshness. Near 100-meter high Victoria Tower and Big Ben stand as its main symbols.
    • Buckingham Palace, the United Kingdom of Britain
      Located in the city of Westminster, the Buckingham Palace was originally the private mansion of Duke Buckingham. It was built in 1703 and then turned into the Palace in 1825. The main body with plain appearance consists of four three-strayed buildings. Inside the Palace are over 600 exquisitely decorated and luxuriously furnished chambers of varies kinds, in which the countless treasures is preserved. The ceremony of Changing of the Guard takes place everyday on the square in front of the Palace, which is the unique scene of London.
    • Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
      In the honor of the 100th anniversary of France Revolution, Eiffel Tower was built on Champ de Mars in the 1889 and named after its designer­----Gustave Eiffel. It is an entire steel-frame structure except the four tower abutments. It is 325 meters high and 9000 tons weigh, a perfect fusion of magnificence and gracefulness. Standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower, you will have a panoramic view of grand scenery of Paris. When night falls, the lights are bright and resplendent, dressing her up as a richly decorated jade palace and making her the modern symbol of Paris, the ancient capital.
    • Australia the Sydney Opera House
      The Sydney Opera House, built in 1973, covers an area of 1.8 hectares with a height of 67 meters. Located in the top of Bennelong Promontory of Sydney bay with a unique gesture, is the cultural center of Sydney and the grand world-class Opera House.
    • The houses of the Maori
      The Maoris has a rich and lively culture, which has maintained the connection between the nature and spirit over the past years. They inherit their own family spirit by the specific greeting style of mihi.
    • Persepolis big step and relief in Iran
      This is one of the palace audience hall sites built by the King Darius of Persia at the end of 6th century BC, and it is located in Lal city of Iran. The step scale is huge, momentum, and Guard of honor relief on the wall are neat and majestic at both sides; the tributary tem bear the tribute with respectful expression, and the whole scene dominated the authority and tolerance of dominating the world by Darius. 
    • Water Tower in Kuwait
      The most prestigious water storage, viewing and sightseeing tower in Kuwait is composed of three minarets, stands on Kuwait Bay Channel, and was built in 1977. The height of main tower is 185 meters, the upper of tower is ball shaped and the lower of tower is for water storage, and the upper and small ball are composed as the “Air park” with unique taste. The height of the other tower is 14 meters, and the ball on the tower can store the water of 4000 cubic meters. The lighthouse in the center is like the outgoing rocket, is mounted 96 cast lights, and it is brilliant and spectacular in the night. 

    • Fujiyama in Japan
      The Fujiyama in the dormant volcano state with the altitude of 3776 meters is the highest peak in Japan, and stands on Honshu National Fuji Hakone Izu Park, and crosses two counties of Shizuoka, Yamanashi. The foothill forest is dense, the grassland is vast, with eight Fuji peaks and sight of five lakes, it is magnificent, mysterious and magical, it is known as the first scene in Japan and is the symbol of Japanese nationality. 

    • Gate of Egypt
      Gate of Egypt is a god gate of Horus. Horus temple is located in the Idfu district, 110 Km north of Aswan and it is the best worthwhile sightseeing landscape along the way from Luxor to Aswan. Horus, a Egypt god with eagle head, is the symbol of royalty and Patron saint of Pharaoh. He is the ruler of the earth, the son of goddess Osiris and goddess Isis, husband of goddess Hathor who personified the principles of joy and love.
    • Gate of China
      Yonghe temple is located in Dong Cheng district, Beijing and was the official residence of Kangxi’s fourth son Yongzheng and the Qianlong emperor was also born here. There is a Baofang square in Yonghe temple and gate of China is one of the three Baofang squares. Bao Square is a magnificent building with four pillars and nine tops. The main pictures on it are auspicious dragon and phoenix pattern, which has reflected the Kangxi and Qianlong style. The four Chinese “环海尊亲” is an inscription from Qianlong. Yonghe temple is a Tibetan Buddhist temple now.
    • The world culture reliefs
      The most spectacular building in the World Square is the relief wall with a height of 10 meters and a length of 200 meters. There are about 600 relief works on the dark red wall with a large range of materials and profound morals.
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